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Peace & Pieces - January 25, 2024

If you’re like me, when you hear the words “annual meeting,” you realize you might have to stay home and change the cat box on Sunday! Well, I can’t do that and neither can you! Some of us don’t find the bureaucratic requirements of congregational life to be as meaningful as worship, serving food to the hungry, or hosting community events in our parish hall. Nevertheless, we need to tend to practical and administrative matters in order to continue living out our mission to welcome all to join in the beauty of timeless ritual, seek Christian connection, and share God’s abundance.

I am confident this Sunday’s meeting will be worthwhile time to connect and celebrate our ministry past, present, and future. We will hear from every ministry team, as well as vestry officers and the clergy. I’m sure you will learn something about our life together in service to the Lord that you didn’t know. There will also be an update from the rector search committee, including the projected timeline and how you can support this very important process.

Naturally, we will share a meal because Jesus taught us that ordinary bread and wine (or juice) become holy when we gather in his name. Lunch is being catered with options for all, so please do come and enjoy!

Pastor Lori+


Morning Song – A Meditation

In the new light

Of each day’s questions,

I am never prepared.

Today, again, I have nothing

to offer but a handful of old prayers, worn down

by the relentless abrasion

of doubt, and a fragment

of dream that plays on in my head

only half remembered. Still,

the doves coo and circle

through the pines

as they do when I pass

each morning. Their sorrow

is so nearly human, it rings

sweet with regret. By dusk,

the trees will bow down, and I, too, will

make my appeal, will find

again your mercy,

your solace.

Elizabeth Drescher from Women’s Uncommon Prayers


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