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Peace & Pieces - December 21, 2024

Love Alone

Gian Carlo Menotti

The Child we seek

doesn’t need our gold.

On love, on love alone

he will build his kingdom.

His pierced hand will hold no scepter,

his haloed head will wear no crown;

his might will not be built

on your toil.

Swifter than lightning

he will soon walk among us.

He will bring us new life

and receive our death,

and the keys to his city

belong to the poor.

Our 4th Advent candle symbolizes love. Jesus teaches us “Just as I have loved you, you also should love one another.” The love we give others is modeled on the steadfast love of God; a love that is faithful and leads to human flourishing. God’s love – not human toil - is the foundation on which God will build God’s kingdom. God invites us to contribute to the work: but it is God’s love alone that sends the Savior to usher in the righteous kingdom.


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